This Too Can Be You

by featuring Richard Koozie

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released April 20, 2013

Drums: Tony Cannarozzi
Guitars: Alex Sanchez
Bass/Vocals/Synths: Ryan Donnells
Backing Vocals/Percussion: Eli Chastain

Produced by Eli Chastain
Engineered by Joel Lauver
Mixed by Garrett Parris
Mastering by Andrija Tokic

Songs Written by Alex Sanchez & Ryan Donnells
Performed by Featuring Richard Koozie



all rights reserved


featuring Richard Koozie Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, TN

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Track Name: Riot ft. Amoretta
Come on baby pucker up those lips
Lean in for that kiss, kiss, kiss
On the ring of the hand that feeds you
And lose your dignity
Or you can come with me and we can start
A nuclear war
Nuclear winter is what's in store
So grimace, growl and show your teeth
And tell the man
That I've got a plan to
Unleash the beast

I'm not gonna live
Another day
Under your thumb
Do you think I'm dumb?

I'm gonna take
To the streets
And start a riot, riot, riot.

Hear the fog horn get to the square
Its about to go down if you dare
Tim's the man with a crooked face
Meet you there with a mace
Bring a bat and a swing for the fences
I bet you look good with your hair flailing
Spit spraying in the sun there will be blood
This isn't an arms race but a place
To leave it all behind, find out
What you are truly made of


So self-absorbed and delusional
Convinced the world is yours but its not
Your just another masochist with a mustache
You've got on the boots but I doubt you'll shoot
A harlot in hot pants with a coke rash talking' lots of trash
But are you going to back it up?
Whatever we're both products of the generation kiss ass
All this, just to be fuck ups
Track Name: All The Girls @ Against Me!
It was my last time in that room
Or so I had thought
As I had never imagined
I would revisit
Such an empty place
During my time in college
And you were away in a foreign land

That night she tried to barge right in
Taking advantage of my propensity to sin
Knowing that a man like me
Could never leave a girl like here
Out on the streets

Out on the streets

When I barred up my door she wouldn't leave
Told me sob stories about how she would freeze
And if she had to spend another night without cocaine
And if she couldn't get more to numb the pain
She'd end it all.

I didn't lose you, you lost me.

Having a heart impure but with empathy
Its hard not to see how a guy like me
Could save her from the streets and the cold
So I let her back in
I backed into sin
Something that I regret
And tried to forget
The way that she touched me
It bled like poison seeping into my skin
And when I saw you again
It tore me apart
But when you left me for dead
It broke what was left of my heart.

I didn't lose you. You lost me.

At that night when we went to Against Me!
She chased us around the room like there was a bounty
On our heads trying to apologize to you for what she had done to me
But you see your not one to forgive so easily or to forget about the bet
That you made when you left me for across the pond
It was like I was gone and you made your bed leading all the men along.

You said if I was with her that we would never be together
But ever since then things have never been better
You don't want to date
But you'll let me penetrate
The lies between your thighs
That you told to my friends
And now they look at me
Like I'm the enemy
You spread your legs like you spread your disease
And now I spend all my time in your hell
In your purgatory because you only felt the need
To tell half of the story.

I didn't lose you. You lose me.

At that night when we went to Against Me!
She chased us around the room
Like there was a bounty
On our heads trying to apologize to you
For what she had done to me
Did you stop to think that maybe it was something more?
That maybe she forced herself on me like a two bit whore?
It was rape and I couldn't escape but in your mind I was in it
For a good time.

I didn't lose you. You lost me.

At that night when we went to Against Me!
Do you remember? Do you remember when?
At that night when we went to Against Me!
Do you remember?! Do you remember when?!
At that night when we went to Against Me!
Do you remember, remember when we were?
Track Name: Cokeman & The Disco Dolls
I knew a girl who fell from the sky
Told so many lies by pairs of loving eyes
I knew a boy who rose from the fire
Who no one would hire

No one would hire!

This is America land of the free
We are the defenders of the hypocrisy
United we all stand united we all fall
This is the land of the cokeman & the disco dolls

When the girl met the boy
She was s___ out of luck
Him being the thrifty man he is
He turned that luck into a buck

Blazing with guns held high
They rode from town to town
Shooting, looting and fighting the law
They took everything they saw


I knew a miser who had all the keys
Said boys and girls we can't all be disney kings and queens
You can be my pusher or be my enemy
All you have to do is sign
Commit to the crime
Sign your name on the dotted line

The law finally caught up
To the lovers at large and at bay
Surrounded in a Motel 6
Out of cash and out of plays
They saw the end coming
So they let it come right on through
As they laid there in bed
Watching the 6 o'clock news

Enron, Lehman, Goldman Sachs
All running off with sacks of cash


AIG, GE & General Motors, too
All bailed out by the red, white and blue


They're crooks like me, they're just like me
They're crooks like me, they're just like me
On Wall Street
On Wall Street
On Wall Street